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Anthony Ejiogu Speaks on Leveraging UX Design in API Developmenrt

Leveraging UX Design Methods in Developing People Centered APIs


I was invited as a Guest Speaker to talk about how we could leverage UX Design Approach to develop people-centered APIs at Mndwrk. Nowadays it’s easy to forget that users are still people. Despite all the advances we have made in creating more intuitive interfaces for computers and devices, sometimes a bad user experience is as simple as a confusing interface or poor design choices.  The world of APIs is no different. A well-designed API will generate numerous benefits for both users and businesses, and that’s why we need to Leverage UX Design Methods in Developing People-Centered APIs With a Delightful User Experience. Pitch analytics assets.

This presentation answers the following questions 

  • Why Your API (Application Programming Interface) User Experience is Bad
  • What UX Design principles influence positive experiences in your API?
  • Why does User Experience Design Matter in API Development?
  • What things should you consider when designing/developing a Human-Centered API?
  • How can you leverage the UX Design process in developing APIs with a delightful user experience?

In this presentation, you will;

  • Understand the concept of UX Experience Design and its impact on products
  • Explore the UX Design process used in creating intuitive products for people (APIs)
  • Understand how UX factors influence the people we are building APIs for and how to use these factors as a guide to developing better APIs

About Mndwrk – Event Host

Mndwrk hosts events to revolutionize how IT experts work to deliver outstanding quality and velocity.Mndwrk is a Hungary-based talent and IT agency with a community that consists of about 8000 IT people.Speakers in the tech space are invited to speak on various topics including software development, cloud infrastructure, mobile technology, big data, quantum computing, DevOps, agile methods, coaching, and many others